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MicroFluidics, SDSU Student Groups, SDSU Student Debates,
Discovering Human Cones
, Electricity and Magnetism,
Half-Ass. Motor
, Quantum Theory, Final Test 2005, Student Examples,
Special Relativity
, Mind Maps, Bryson, HP SummerSchool,
Book Reviews
, Comics, Angels from Time to Come, Canyon Sin Nombre,


"Human behavior (all living behavior) is derived from the eternal struggle between the chemical order of genetics and the unrelenting chaos of nature. Genetics (DNA) is the manifestation of a chemical rebellion to thwart control that the environment (Nature) has over all living structures. Our DNA (genetic history) is the story of this struggle through eons to wrest control of our present and future behavior from the environmental dictat. Dinosaurs did not possess a nervous system that could sense wayward asteroids that could whack them out of existence. Hence, mammals were given the opportunity to succeed where our smelly reptilian ancestors failed. Nature is an everlasting series of random acts of violence directed at any ordered chemical rebellion." -- Tony DiMauro

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