Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School

A New Technology

MicroFluidics is a 21st century technology that is transforming biotechnology research, medical technology applications and our global society in many ways. MicroFluidics is a simple technology much the same as MicroElectronics is simple technology. MicroFluidic technology has many advantages.

    a. MicroFluidics is cheap. Researchers can perform many experiments very cheaply using this technology.
    b. Products made from this technology can be produced very cheaply.
    c. Many reactions are fast and can be performed at once cutting down research time.
    c. Chemical Analysis of any kind will be nearly instant.
    d. Nature utilizes microfluidics.

MicroFluidics will help the global socoeity in many of the same ways that microelectroncs helps society. Producing cheap hand-held calculators gave millions of us the power to calculate faster. Producing cheap home computers gave us all the power to compute. Cellphones gave us the power to communicate with many more people a lot faster. MicroFluidics will provide us with instant diagnosis, analysis and prescriptions for many illnesses that cause so much suffering around the world.

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Capillary Physics

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Labs and Activities

1. Yarn-based MicroFluidics
2. Jello-based MicroFluidics
3. Paper-based MicroFluidics
4. PDMS-based MicroFluidics