Natural Science 100
Annotated Article Example

time: 1 hour

Physical Principles
Chapters 8,9,10,11,12,13,30

Physical Principles Draft
(these are just some direct references, there may be other indirect references.)

1) Reality
2) The Atom: Protons, Electrons, Neutrons
3) Electron Volts (energy)
4) Quarks/Gluons
5) Higgs Boson
6) SuperSymmetry
7) Accelerator Components
8) Big Bang
9) Superconducting wires (Resistance)
10) Currents (12,00 amps)
11) Chaos
12) Computer algorithms (simulations)
13) The Standard Model
14) Quantum Electrodynamics
15) Current-carrying wires/Magnetic fields
16) Cryogenics
17) Particle Detectors
18) Medical Imaging Devices
19) Electromagnetic Induction
20) Voltage
21) Data Aquisition
21) A torodial or solenoid magnetic field
22) Forces on electrons and protons in a magnetic field
23) Forces of Nature

time: 1/2 hour

I will pick 15 of the best principles or do them all!
I will do a good job in defining these principles from Hewitt.
I will incude hand drawn diagrams.

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My write-up will not be a summary. It will be a reaction response. Tony wants to see me interacting with Physics.

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