Atoms, the Elements and the Periodic Table
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      Caution: You are about to enter a no-fact zone. Concepts only please!  
   Atom--the fundamental unit of an elementAtom

We have learned to manipulate these atoms in order to produce a vast array of useful modern materials, including pharmaceuticals that help prolong our lives.


Bohr-vs-Quantum Model
Atomic Theory

The Atoms of Unmeaning

"Globed From The Atoms"

Mach's Principle
        90 of these elements are found in nature.
The rest were created in the scientist's lab!
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    Hewtitt_343           So most atoms are ancient. They have existed through imponderable ages, recycling through the universe in innumerable forms, both nonliving and living. In this sense, you don't "own" the atoms that make up your body--you are simply their present caretaker. There will be many caretakers to follow. Hewitt
    Atoms are Ancient
and Empty
  Proton                 Neutron
The most fundamental unit of Matter,
or are they?
     Isotopes--Atoms with the same number of protons
                                             but different numbers of neutrons.

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