Ch-1 Motion


Aristotle . . . on motion

Natural Motion

straight up and/or straight down

Violent Motion
imposed motion

Read Aristotle's Motion paper, go to the link.

  Galileo at the Tower        
The Galileo Project

    What is Mass?



  What is Mass? What is weight? this page
and go to the link.

The car drives at a constant speed of

5 m/s

What is the difference between velocity and acceleration?

What is the relationship between the time and the distance rolled?


The car accelerates at a constant

10 mph

per second


The ball is thrown upward at 30 m/s.

Gravity causes the ball to slow down.
Gravity causes the ball to speed up.
  What is the relationship between the time and the velocity?      
      Free-Body Diagram

Can you draw the forces (free-body diagram) acting on an object?

Free-Body Diagram of Circular Motion

How fast is the Earth revolving around the sun?




If all the Forces are equal
the body is in equilibrium
there is NO acceleration
the body will
remain at rest
or, if moving
remain in constant motion

Which way will an object move if an unbalanced force is applied to this body?