SDSU Natural Science 100
Tony DiMauro

Discover the 'inner you'.

Look closely. . .can you psychoanalyze these people?

Linear notes strip you of your personality.
Let yourself go. . .let your Mind spill out.
Your creation should stand-alone.
Make connections between concepts.
Create a concept thread that is unique.

NS 100 Spring 2003

Angela Gonzalez

Ben Roeder

Stephanie Roe

Kate Langley

Meg Tuazon

John Pugh

Courtney Koscheka

Denise Morales

Juliann Rosa

Kenny Foster

Landon Lee

Megan Muirhead

Melissa Diaz

Natalie Gaudinez

Ray Trouche

Vince Garvey

NS 100 Fall 2004

Erin Barclay

NS 100 Fall 2004

Thuy Bui

NS 100 Fall 2004

Ana Caisphal

Gumaro Contreras

Danielle Haisley

Thao Huynh

Pauline Melad

Alejandro Metero
No name

Ryan Speed

Beth Tronerud

OMegan O'Connell