SDSU Physics 180B
Science Podcast Debates
Get ready to rumble. . . .

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Four Students per Group
Each Student Group will be placed in one of
5 debate topics
on February 27.
Each Student Group will elect a Captain.
Each Debate will be 1-1.5 hours in length.
Each Debate (2 groups-8 students) will occur at an agreed place and time by both sides.
The Debate must take place in the week
that it is scheduled or before.

The Debate will proceed by rules given to each member.
The debate will be recorded with an mp3 player.
The Debate recording (mp3) will be posted to the Web. Students will critique 4 debates.
Students may invite others to their debate as audience.
Students will be assessed according to a standard criteria.(150 points per student)

Click for a pdf of the entire debate format
Student Groups are forming. . .
these topics may change up until February 15. . .  
Genetically Modified Food - That it should be banned?
(Biology) (March 27-April 2)
Global Warming: Is More Action Needed? – That we should take more urgent action to halt this trend?
(Global Warming) (April 3-9)
Drugs in Sports - That the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport should be legalized?
(Sports) (April 10-16)
        Topics to Debate    
Biodiversity and Endangered Species – That we should prevent species from becoming extinct?
(Enviromental) (
April 17-23)
    That Intelligent Design is not a scientific theory and should not be taught as science in science classes.
(Darwin -vs- Religion) (April 24-30)
Your total score for this assignment will be assessed as follows. (Total 150 points)

1) Debate Performance: 80 points (30 pts. by student internet audience, 50 pts. by Instructor)
2) Debate Materials: 30 points
3) Scoring of the Debates: 40 points (20 extra credit pts possible)
4) Get together and set a time and a place for the debate. Invite some friends or family. (Audience 20 pts ex.cr)

Approximate time required for debate: ~4 hours research, ~2 hours planning, ~1 hour debate. (total time: ~8 hours)