Beginning Algebra

Who are you and why are you here?

What do you expect from this class?

Why is algebra so important to a modern world
or to your future career?


The report found that “to prepare students for algebra, the curriculum must simultaneously develop conceptual understanding, computational fluency and problem-solving skills.” Further, it said: “Debates regarding the relative importance of these aspects of mathematical knowledge are misguided. These capabilities are mutually supportive.”
Report Urges Changes in Teaching Math
Published: March 14, 2008

Why is it important for
all citizens to be able to read graphs and tables?

Planetary Tables

Let's start at the begnning. . .

Opposites and Absolute Value

-5 is the opposite of 5
  and   5 is the opposite of -5

The absolute value of a number is the positive value of that number

|-5| = 5   and   |5| = 5

Multiplication Table

Knowing basic math skills is much more useful
than knowing complex equations.

This information should be stored in long term
memory to be pulled out immediately.
Practice this until you know it well.

Division - Long Division - Division by Calculator

Do you know how to divid two numbers?
It is much easier to do it with a calculator