Natural Science 412  

San Diego State University
Natural Science 412A
Instructor: Tony DiMauro
Office: P234
Office Hours: after class
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  . . .the basic aim of the PET format is to allow you to take charge of your own learning,
with the instructor as a guide.
Table of Contents
Cycle 1
Interactions and Energy

Measuring and Motion
Motion and Energy
Elastic Mechanical Interactions
Slowing and Stopping
Constructing Explanations
Explaining the 'Pull-Back" Motor

Cycle 2

Interactions and Forces

Interactions and Forces
Motion with a Continuous Force
Pushing against the motion
Slowing and Stopping
Changing Force Strength and Mass
Combinations of Forces
Motion with Balanced Forces 1
Constructing Explanations Using Forces
You are the Expert Witness

Cycle 3

Interactions and Fields

Magnetic Interations 1
Electric Charge Interactions1,2,3
Gravitational Interactions 1
Strength of the Gravitational Interation
Explanations Involving Gravity
Cycle 4
Model of Magnetism

Experiments with Magnetism
Initial Model for Magnetism
Better Model for Magnetism
Entities inside the Model for Magnetism
Explaining Phenomena involving Magnetism

Cycle 5

Light Interactions

Shiny Surfaces and Seeing
Non-Shiny White and Black Surfaces
Pinholes and Shadows
Pinhole Cameras II .pdf
Explaining Phenomena Involving Light

Cycle 6

Electric Circuit, Electromagnetism,
Thermal and Infrared Interactions

Electric Circuit Interactions
Electric Circuits and Energy
Electromagnetic Interactions
Thermal Interactions
Infrared Interactions
Fan/Space Heater

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