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updated: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 10:03 PM

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Pep Talk and Strategy

I will miss all of you. I had a great time. Go out and have a good time before next semester.
Good luck next year. Hope to see you around on campus.
Please look carefully at your grades to make sure that they are correct.

196 FALL 2008   Grades
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Jeffrey and Katie

This class is not just Problem-Solving 110.
This class is about the deep understanding of what physics is and is not.
This class is about your world and your participation in it.
Wake from your slumbering trance and leap forth from the zombie brigades.
I don't want reliable rote answers and monkey-mimicked solutions.
You are completely capable of complex thought and you are maximally-equipped
with modern data aquisition technology.

Our time together in - Colour
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