H H Kinematics in 2-Dimensions

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Projectile Motion - Kicking or Throwing a Football

There are two independent motions to consider

The motion in the x-direction and the motion in the y-direction.

A most awesome explanation.
Young and Geller
Newton's Revelations

Bill Bryson's, A Short History of Nearly Everything


  Projectile Motion I, II, III, IV, V , VI acceleration in the y-direction only

To understand the diagram above,
we will need to know a little something about Vectors (Arrows).
First, we will need to know a little something about right triangles.


When we were kids back in Nebraska, my brother Jim was able to distract me by throwing one snowball really high and then throwing another really low. Both hit me! Why?

The SnowBall Fight

A Practice Projectile Problem

Click on the problem to the left.
Let the movie download completely.
Then, click on the movie each time you want to move forward.

Why am I studying Physics?

Your ability to improve your critical thinking skills is contingent upon you practicing to acquire a disciplined approach to the process of problem solving.

The problem to the left is built piece by piece for you to examine very closely.

Max Height and Max Range
How high?
How far?

Rank the launch angles for the five paths
with respect to time of flight, from the
shortest time of flight to the longest.
A good example
A better example
Mechanical Universe - Click on the movie below
The Monkey Problem!
Problem Solving

Animated Gif, (a 10 minute animation)
Static Document

Circular Motion
Centripetal Acceleration
DiMauro's Hypothesis