H H Work and Energy

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In this chapter, we will introduce a new concept--energy--that is one of the most important unifying concepts in all physical science. It's importance stems from the principle of conservation of energy.

Chapters 1-6 Summary

The Quantum Foam

How can we harness the vast store of energy in the wide-open space between the Stars and Galaxies?
Mass? Energy?

Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Universe

A Nobel Prize Winning Physicist tells us about mass.

This rapidly moving surfer has kinetic energy, or energy of motion, because the wave, in accelerating him to his present speed, has done work on him. This chapter discusses the relationship between work and kinetic energy.

Work - The Transformation of energy into and out of a system

Work = The product of the component of the Force in the direction of the displacement
Work (Joules) = Force (N) x Distance (m)

What if there are
more forces acting
on the sled?

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Mars Explorer

Since the first humans climbed out of the trees, humans have utiliized the transfer of energy concept as a means to make sense of their world or other worlds.

What is the final speed of the downhill skier if his mass = 58 kg, his initial velocity = 3.6 m/s,
the frictional force = 71N on the skiis and the distance traveled down the slope s = 57m?

Work done by a Force that changes. . .

Mechanical Universe
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Energy Methods instead of the
motion equations

Animated Problem 101