H Rotational Motion (Kinematics)

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Earler we described and analyzed
Linear Motion
for point particles.

Now we want to describe and analyze Rotational Motion for rigid objects.

The good news is that these people already know most of what they need!

Angular Velocity

A Simple example of
Angular Motion

the examples are helpful and necessary to understanding the concepts.

  Linear to Angular Quantities
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Is it correct to say, "The farther the particle (P) from the axis of rotation the faster it is moving in a linear way?"

Does very particle (P) on the object rotate through the same angle in a given time interval?
And do all particles have the same angular speed and angular acceleration?


Solving rotational motion problems is very similar to solving for linear motion problems.
You will use the motion equations with angular quatities!

What about Kinetic Energy of Rotation?

So, which object (e,f,g,h, or i) would win a race down an incline plane?

How is it that the human brain knows physics
but the human seems completely oblivious
to these concepts?

Our brains are the offspring of the
evolution of the universe. .

Test Problem Format

Each Particle in the object has a
different linear velocity!