Magnetic Forces and Fields
Our Force Field
is Magnetic!

     The Earth's magnetic field could be gone within a few centuries, exposing the planet to a blast of charged particles from space with very predictable consequences for the atmosphere and life. The field could stop weakening and begin to strengthen, or it could weaken to the point that it suddenly flips polarity.

The Earth's Magnetic Field Hans Christian Oersted


Magnetic Storm

Comparison of force due to an
Electric Field and Magnetic Field

Force on a Charged Paricle in a Magnetic Field

Magnetic Force
=  qv x B
Speaker Dynamics I
A mass spectrometer
Another Mass Spectrometer
Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Shockwave MRI
Magnetic Force on a current carying conductor
A current will make this rod move.
Which way will the
loop rotate?
Motors I, II, III


Notice how the force on the top and bottom segments changes just at the right time.

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The Physics of:
The Beautiful Aurora

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