Electromagnetic Induction
Magnetic Induction
Magnetism Magic
Your Half-Ass. Motor

Animated Motor

Faraday's Law
Lenz's Law

AC versus DC

The amount of Magnetic Field that passes thru a Surface

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Lenz's Law

The induced emf resulting from a
changing magnetic flux
has a polarity that leads to
an induced current whose direction

is such that the induced magnetic field
opposes the original flux.

Lenz's Law 1, 2, 3
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Mechanical Universe

An Inductive Circuit
When the switch is thrown, the current will induce a magnetic field in the coil that will initially oppose the the current. Once the current reaches it's maximum value the induced magnetic field in the coil will cease to exist. Why?
The L-R Circuit

Tape Recording Process

The Electric Generator
The Transformer
The transformer provides us a way to change the voltage or curent between circuits using electromagnetic induction.

Magnetic Storm