Angels from Time to Come
Student Final Discussions
    "But it is clear the that the wholeness of the universe is an emergent property. . .if the universe is something like a brain, the brain-parts of the universe are its past, and its mind is its future.    
.mov Events and objects are constituted by the information that they exchange with other events and objects and with themselves; and the means by which that information gets exchanged are, as forms of light, subject to quantum uncertainty.” .mov
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        “The peculiar thing about such moments is that, by their unpredictability before the event combines with their
retrodictability after it, they radically defy the requirement that truth be independent of time.”
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      Angels from
Time to Come
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      Reality is, when unobserved, only approximate is its nature: it is a probability function or wave function specifying a number of possible states which it might assume if challenged, at which time the packet of uncertainty that constitutes a particle before it is measured is collapsed -- forced retroactively to make up its mind.”
Meaghan Happer   Eric Wacenske Mikala Mejia
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Michelle Cortez   Kevin McHugh Jeremy Knedal   Mike Wright
“By the time we observe most things that are larger than subatomic particles, they are already part of healthy, functioning, mutually-supporting reality system, to be altered only if we know the fault lines of its construction and have the technology to pry them apart.”      
Anel Cortez Melissa Potter   Emma Valdez
        “. . and that just as we are now able to synthesize living matter, so we will be able to synthesize self-conscious thought and feeling and imagination? One day that evil distinction between the artificial and the natural will be thrown down, and we will have escaped the mind-forged manacles which alienate us from the creative and self-reflective evolution of the rest of nature.”
Stephanie Popp   Sarah Gemill Zoe Lyski