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The Elegant Universe
      The book begins with a very lucid explanation of Einstein's Special and General Theories of Relativity, then leads into Quantum Mechanics, and discusses the inconsistencies between these views of physics on a large scale (General Relativity) and physics on a very small scale (Quantum Mechanics). Dr. Greene then goes on to explain superstring theory and how this new framework smooths out many of the contradictions between
General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.
     Using this new understanding of superstring theory, Dr. Greene leads the reader through a myriad of otherwise mind-boggling topics such as: the beginning of the Universe, the possible existence of other universes, 11-dimensional existence, time travel, tears in the fabric of space, and black holes. It's written on a level for the layperson and I think most people will be able to understand and appreciate all the concepts presented.


Brian Greene

Chapter 2

23, 24-5, 26-7, 28-9, 30-1, 32-3, 34-5, 36-7, 38-9, 40-1, 42-3, 44-5, 46-7, 48-9, 50-1, 52

You have only 1000 letters to use for an answer.  So use them wisely.

Use Greene in every answer. Use his ideas. Don't mimick him. . .understand him.
Show me that you understand Greene's explanations.
Your friends will be amazed that you know 20th century physics/philosophy.
Enjoy this chapter.

1) Why has the fact that we measure the speed of light to be 670 million miles an hour
in every situation been a revolution of our way of thinking?
2) Why are simultaneous events in one intertial reference frame not simultaneous in another
follow from the constancy of the speed of light?
3) Why does the muon live in 'slow motion' according to Greene?
4) Explain how George can logically understand that Gracie's watch is really running slower?
5) Explain how the motion of an ordinary object is mostly through the time dimension.
How does this realization helps us to understand time dilation.
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