Linear Momentum

     We are about to use another conservation principle in an effort to sove a different class of problems. We started with Newton's Laws of motion (the motion equations, F=ma), then we developed the Conservation of Energy Principle (energy before=energy after) and now we will utilize the Conservation of Momentum Principle. All three perspectives will allow us to solve problems when we don't know certain values.


When acceleration is constant such as a car speeding up at a constant rate.

  When a force is not constant such as the gravitational force, or the force due to a spring.

  The force exerted on the archer after the arrow is fired.

Linear Momentum is a vector quantity. A quantity of motion.
Momentum and Force
Conservation Of Linear Momentum
Mechanical Unverse
Collisions in One Dimension
    Momentum is always conserved.

Kinetic Energy is not necessarily conserved in all collisions.
Perfectly Inelastic Collision
Perfectly Elastic Collision