Direct Current Circuits
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The Electric Universe, by David Bodanis

A Source of Electromotive Force (EMF)

A Battery

A Voltage Source

A Charge Pump

ElectroMotive Force
is really a voltage

The emf of a battery is the maxium possible voltage that a battery can provide between its terminals. It is the open circuit voltage. The terminal voltage when the current is zero.

Series and Parallel Circuits

Kirchhoff's Rules

Rules for determining the potential differences across a resistor and a battery.
each circuit element is traversed from left to right

Dr. Lewin from MIT on DC Circuits

A single loop circuit
contains two resistors
and two batteries.

What power is delivered to each resistor?

What is the total power delivered to the circuit?

What is the 12V battery doing to the 6 Volt battery?

RC Circuits
Electrical Meters
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