Electric Potential Energy and Potential
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The Electric Universe, by David Bodanis

The Line Integral

The integration is performed
along the path that q follows
as it moves from A to B.

Electric Potential Energy (Joules)

Electric Potential Energy (U = EPE)

Dr. Walter Lewin, MIT


Mechanical Universe - Electric Potential

A unit of energy used in atomic and nuclear physics is the electron-volt (eV), which is defined as the energy a charge-field system gains or loses when a charge of magnitude e is moved through a potential difference of 1Volt.
U is Electric Potential Energy (Joules)
is not
V is Electric Potential (Joules/Coulomb)
a.k.a Voltage, Potential Difference

Mechanical Universe

Experimentally, electric potential and position can be measured with a voltmeter and a meter stick.
Partial Derivatives

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