Medical Imaging Presentation
medical imaging

Radiochromic Film Presentation

radiochromic film

Radiation Physics (Knoll)

Radiation Biology

molecular damage

Radiation Shielding and Transport
Spherical Tokamak
Medical Physics Paper
SAGE 2000 Paper
Geophysical Theory
Tandem Van de Graff Accelerator

Home Radon Lab
radon graph
Secular Equilibrium

Home Radon Detector


TG-43 Protocol
tg43 protocl


Medical Imaging Techniques
A conglomeration of sites
med imaging room

CT Lecture Series
a site full of recorded realplayer videos.

ct lecture

The Basics of MRI
an absolutely excellent site---a must see

Nuclear Systematics
Hodgson and Gadioli

nuclear diagram

"great teaching videos"
LabView for Dummies
"great teaching videos"


Science is Art
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A Poster
scintillation poster

A Poster

spectroscopy poster

A Poster

radiation poster

Investigating the Semi-Empirical Mass Formula on Excel. It actually looks like what I saw in Krane!
semiempirical poster